Are you an Australian business?

We are a family owned Australian business who have been making great tasting bars for over 25 years.  From small beginnings, our family business began making delicious foods, filled with nature’s wholesome goodness.  And now, it’s still about great tasting food and as we say, “It’s what’s inside that matters!”.  Our passionate foodies bring recipes to life in our kitchen and the Joy family are delighted to share our latest creation with you and your family.

Are all of your ingredients sourced in Australia?

We buy local ingredients whenever we can and only use quality imported ingredients if we can’t find it locally.

Are all of your products nut free?

Our range of muesli bars have a ‘nut free’ recipe making them perfect for school lunchboxes.

It’s important to know that our equipment makes many different products of which some do contain nuts. Rest assured that we spend a lot of time cleaning our equipment to minimise the risk of cross-contamination and our team follow strict protocols for handling ingredients.  We take this matter very seriously.

Our Coconut

We use sulphite-free coconut to avoid food reactions. Our coconut shreds are large and generous for an enjoyable eating texture, so don’t mistake them for plastic.

What’s in the fruit paste?

Our fruit paste is made from real fruit.  We use a combination of pear for a smooth texture enabling a flowing layer, then we add the ‘hero’ fruit to complete the recipe, Raspberry, Mango or Strawberry.  We allow 13% in our bars to achieve a generous fruit layer. This is well above industry standards of below 5%.

Why is tumeric an ingredient in the chewy Mango Tops?

As we do not add any nasty preservatives to our bars, the natural fruit paste can look a little dull and boring. Turmeric is a great natural ingredient which brings out the true mango colour in our real fruit mango paste. We only add a pinch so you’d never know it was there.

What is the star rating of your muesli bar range?

We believe that taste and health go hand in hand and should be balanced. Our range of muesli bars are above average with a health star rating of 3. They are a satisfying alternative to sweets and chocolate bars.

The Yoghurt Drizzle

We use dry yoghurt powder to make the drizzle creamy and tangy to match what you’d expect to taste when eating yoghurt.

Palm Oil

Palm Oil is one of the few oils that helps us deliver a creamy drizzle that is smooth in your mouth.

There’s been a lot publicity about how palm oil plantations are destroying the natural habitat of wildlife.

The good news is that we use certified sustainable palm oil in our products and they meet the criteria specified by RSPO criteria (www.rspo.com.au).  We’ve even go to the trouble to check that suppliers are doing the right thing.

For more information on sustainable Palm Oil, please visit www.rspo.org

Source of Fibre

Our range of muesli bars are a source of natural fibre which comes from the Australian oats and chicory.  Did you know that chicory is a member of the Dandelion Family?

What binders are used in your products?

Our bars are blended with golden honey and glucose.

Where is your honey sourced?

Our honey is sourced from both Australian and Argentinian bee farms.  We always try to get what we need from Aussie Bees however they are struggling to keep up with demand.

Are the range of muesli bars suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes, all entire muesli bar range are suitable for Vegetarians.